To The Editor:

The tax cuts passed Monday by the Senate Ways and Means Committee will slash the state’s general revenue budget by nearly one-fourth, resulting in devastating cuts to schools, public safety, parks, and other services throughout the state. The proposal would cut general revenue by $1.75 billion —money that would be far better used to strengthen our schools and invest in what it takes to compete on a global stage.

Instead of spurring economic growth, the tax proposal will severely undermine Missouri’s ability to invest in the very services that make Missouri attractive to business. Missouri can better compete with Kansas and promote long-term economic growth by investing in what businesses need to thrive: strong schools to educate a skilled work force, efficient transportation networks that allow companies to bring their products to market, and safe, stable communities.

Missouri is the “Show-Me state,” so legislators should focus on showing the business community that Missouri offers what they need to thrive, and these tax cuts aren’t it.