To The Editor:

It was with great disappointment I read in last Wednesday’s paper that the city council (at least a majority of them) chose not to pursue any form of annexation at this time.

Waiting for requests for voluntary annexation is the same as inaction. It is the role of city government to grow and expand, in a controlled and planned way. After years of work by the Planning and Zoning Committee, a plan was put forth. It was not given the opportunity to be shaped into a proactive, positive and responsible plan for continued growth of the city of Washington.

Annexation is not a popularity contest.

However, the past leaders of Washington have expanded our borders south beyond 14th Street and Steuterman Road, west past Grand Avenue . . . often through unpopular annexations. It is unrealistic for any neighbor in an unincorporated area bordering on a municipal entity not to expect sometime to be the object of an annexation attempt.

This does not mean that forced annexation is an answer . . . it isn’t. However, this current plan was not given the chance to continue the growth of Washington. A community that is not moving forward is moving backward.