To The Editor:

This November, voters should say no to Proposition B.

The Missourian’s editorial for Prop B suggests that Missouri will be a healthier state if we pass this bill. Do we really want to give more money to the politicians?

If we really want to be a healthier state, there are better ways to do this than raise taxes. Just like we were promised with money from casinos and the lottery,

Proposition B says it will fund education. We’re tired of all the broken promises and politicians diverting our tax dollars. Prop B is just another scheme to get our money and use it for politicians’ own projects or for special interests.

If the casinos and lottery were supposed to fund our schools, how come we are faced with another massive tax increase in Prop B?

Since 2001, Missouri has received over $1.8 billion in tobacco funds. Less than 1 percent of that money has been used for prevention programs. Most of the money was used by politicians to fill holes in the state budget just like the funds raised from casinos and the lottery.

If Proposition B were such a good idea, both Gov.Jay Nixon and his challenger, Dave Spence, wouldn’t be opposing it. A similar tax increase was on the ballot in 2002 and 2006, and both times voters rejected it.

Don’t be fooled by this new tax grab. Vote no on Proposition B and tell the politicians to use the money they already have.