To The Editor:

The president stated that he is just fine with same-sex marriages. Years ago he was not!

But now, he is close to an election. This man will say or do anything to get elected.

Yeah, let’s go after the gay vote.

Come on, people of Franklin County. Marriage is between two people, one who is male and one who is female, period.

Take a look at the animal kingdom, to see how they conduct themselves. There is no place for homosexuality in God’s kingdom. Read the Bible.

See this for what it is, another nail in the country’s coffin. First they take prayer out of the schools, then you have to be politically correct in every way, now we have to deal with same-sex marriage.

What will be next?

We need a president who will uphold morality, one who will make the correct decisions, not one who changes his mind for his gain.