To The Editor:

I am writing in regard to an incident last Friday morning.

To begin with, there has been a colony of stray cats in the old car wash/lumberyard. I, and several other people whom I have never met, have been feeding these cats for at least two years. No problem.

Now, all of a sudden, the owner of that place has decided that the cats must go. This sign was posted:

Special Police Order, No Trespassing, Do Not Feed the Cats.

I will continue to feed them, probably as will other people. I am sure every citizen of Washington has seen the old lumberyard/car wash. Owner, you own the biggest eyesore in the heart of Downtown Washington. Stop worrying about a few little cats that never harmed anyone, think about cleaning up your mess. Do you have any sense of civic pride? I do not think so.

Forget the cats and clean up your own mess. Let your property stop being a blight on Downtown Washington.

I am looking forward to your rebuttal in The Missourian.