To The Editor:

To Whom It May Concern —

As a member of the search committee of St. John UCC, St. Clair, that called Pastor J. S. Darnell as our pastor, I would like to present the following fact:

With the help of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus Christ, we selected Pastor James because of his superior qualifications, accomplishments and spirituality. We didn’t learn of his sexuality issue until after we had given the call and have never known that he acted on it. Our mission banner at the front of the church says we are an “open and accepting Christian environment.” If we had withdrawn the call we felt we would go against God’s will.

Christ, in His great love for us, left His perfect home to come to earth to share our life, suffered greatly on the cross, died and rose again. He summarized the commandments as love God and love your neighbor. Can we do less than do unto others as we would have them do unto us? Let us show the love of God to all we know and meet.

Sin is rampant in the world and we’re all guilty of it. But God is gracious, merciful and forgives us when we confess sin. God in His great love sent Jesus to redeem us from the evil Satan unleashed on the world.

Persons who differ from the norm may need God more and should not be denied access to Him by us. Let us hate the sin, but love the sinner. Church is a hospital for sinners and full of sinners. May the love of God be with us all and guide us in His path.