To The Editor:

So many things I’d like to know. Perhaps others can help me?

Like are we consumers really aware that all those labels stamped with “Made in China” really should be saying “Made in Communist China?” So many of our brave heroes have died fighting communism so people could be free and stay free. I wonder if they died in vain? Communist China is making our clothes, shoes, food, toys and too many other items space prevents from listing. Made in the USA label or tag is rare ... makes me so sad.

Our country is dangerously indebted to Communist China. How? Why? When will they start to “call in” the IOUs? If so, what do we do then? Does anyone but me feel like this is just a giant game of “Monopoly” and the majority of us are condemned to live forever on “Marvin Gardens” in a house or a tent or not while a minority control the board and reside on “Park Place” in shameful luxury?

Have you noticed that the prices of goods made in the sweatshops of Communist China get shipped back to the United States and the prices are the same or higher as when our work force was making them?

I know people who have been to Communist China, they say the living and working conditions are a horror story. Outside the large cities, the people live in abject poverty. Unions get a bad rap for certain things and they should. At least our U.S. workers have a safe, healthy place if they can find a job. There are no rules in Communist China for the workers’ safety.

The land, water and air are being raped by the hundreds of sweatshop factories. How young are these workers I wonder? How old? Why was Communist China given “most favored nation” status for so long? Was it just until all our jobs were swept away? Listen to the “giant sucking noise.” Now, Communist China wants to have a Midwest depot to bring its products here and it wants its people to unload these goods and whatever. I guess our workers will stand and watch them. Where were the rules for our manufacturers?

They were allowed to say “Goodbye, see ya” to American workers. Why? Outrageous. I think most of the horses have left the barn and a few courageous souls are trying to close the doors to keep the rest. If someone has verifiable answers for me, I’m listening.