To The Editor:

Now, why did Speaker Boehner shut down the government?

Oh, I forgot, it’s only a president who has the power to shut down the government; all government funding originates in the House, then goes to the Senate.

When the Senate majority leader refuses to bring the bill to the floor for a vote, it dies, so is that the fault of the House?

Much of government has been funded by the House, except ObamaCare, which is hated by most people, and the president shut down the government and is talking about debt default if he doesn’t get his way, no negotiations on spending cuts.

I really have a problem with his treatment of our heroes from the greatest generation, our World War II veterans being shut out of their privately funded World War II memorial; this was showing these heroes extreme disrespect. Then they let an illegal alien group stage a protest on the mall.

This president was given talking points to make sure blame for him shutting down the government wasn’t on him as well as making sure, by selective funding of different parts of government, that our citizens would have maximum hurt, some more than others.

If ObamaCare was so great, why would he be giving so many waivers to his favored people? It should be all or none, but $6 trillion in cost, give me a break.

Bill Burt

St. Clair