To The Editor:

Deep Pockets —

This is in answer to the letter writer who claims Borgia has deep pockets.

Think again. There are deep pockets in the Washington School District. There are parents from both schools who are doctors, lawyers, dentists, business people, contractors, etc. Everyone who owns property in the district is paying school taxes whether they have children in school or not. Did you think about that, Larry?

Parents in the district are realizing a $7,000 a year savings for every child they have in the Washington Public Schools. The district is spending $2.35 million on an athletic field.

The Washington School District spends millions on property and things they couldn’t use or need.

The land east of town is one example when 20 classrooms could have been built along 14th Street all the way to Highway 47. Another example is the church on Highway 47. The district didn’t know what to do with it until someone finally came up with an idea for its use.

If the voters had known in advance about the $2.3 million and over a half million realized from the Harman Becker factory leaving town and using the money toward the athletic field, the vote would probably have been very different.

Also, should we be termed as Old Codgers because we can’t afford more school taxes?

We don’t all have big salaries like some of the employees of the school district who when they retire also get a big pension. In the past, if they retired early, they got an additional $26,000.

That becomes a deep pocket in my opinion. Most of those people don’t want to share their good fortunes with the school district.

The parents at Borgia actually pay twice to begin with (property taxes and tuition). Also a lot of people have lost their jobs and retirement benefits, and are hardly getting by on savings and Social Security. They have no more to share.