To The Editor:

An ill wind blows in Union and it has been created by those distrustful of the motives behind the parks proposition that will be on the June 5 ballot.

Let’s be clear that efforts to build a new park and efforts to honor disabled veterans have existed independently of each other for a number of years.

Passage of the parks proposition will allow for a marriage of the two so that both of these ideas can become a reality.

Is there a better way to honor the veterans and educate the public about their sacrifices than by putting the memorial in a venue that will be frequented by people from all walks of life? The park itself will be an attraction for all citizens with sports fields, playgrounds and picnic areas.

We are a growing city with a real need for expanded park facilities. The city will benefit economically from the park and as a result, Union residents will benefit also with job creation and increased property values.

It’s a win-win proposition for all involved. Please vote “Yes” June 5. Our families and our veterans deserve it.