To The Editor:

To whom it may concern.

As I write that first part, “concern,” I slightly chuckle to myself because I am all too sure that this will be of no concern at all.

I have heard and even said myself to a few customers that Wal-Mart is a family store .... “family” ... a strong word with strong meaning. As you are reading this, I ask that you think of your own family. Think of being with them this holiday season. Think of the good times as well as the bad times, and think about how none of the bad even matters once you come together as one enjoying a large meal, give thanks for everyone and everything in your life, and enjoy each other’s presence.

Maybe you see your family quite often. Maybe hardly at all. Which I would think would make the holiday season even more valuable. Once you’re finished thinking of how grateful you are for your loved ones, I now want you to think about mine. I want you to think about the families of my fellow employees. The little guys. Who, like me, will once again miss out on that cherished time with family. Who once again will miss the large meal. Walking into Grandma’s house and instantly being overwhelmed with the smell and warmth of the Thanksgiving meal.

I will once again miss that opportunity with my own loved ones. Now, I understand that what matters most in retail is the highly over-rated Black Friday sales, that ironically have been starting earlier and earlier to where soon it won’t be black “Friday” at all and people will soon forget the importance of Thanksgiving and family.

I understand that it’s all about competing with the other stores for the earliest times and best prices. So why not be closed all day up until an hour before the sales? Our store’s first sale begins at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving night. So why not be closed all day and re-open at 5 p.m.? Why not give your employees the chance to be with family and enjoy a holiday that is supposed to have meaning?

I challenge Wal-Mart to set an example. You want to be better than the local competition? Then show you care more. Show them that Wal-Mart has higher values, higher morals, and truly is a “family” store. Actions speak louder than words. Always remember that. Be the change that could be for the better. Show the world that Wal-Mart cares and is the company that Sam Walton would be proud of. That anyone would be proud of.

Do something to shock everyone in a positive way. Be the change you want to see in the world.