To The Editor:

I’m a 65-year-old veteran who lives in Union. When I first heard about the new city park proposal I was skeptical.

I think the figures put out were $9 to $12 million to build the park. I voted no, because we don’t need another tax increase at this time.

Now some in Union think that if they build a veterans memorial, and call it “Veterans Memorial Park” it will be an easier pill for us to swallow.

For me, this is nothing short of a disgrace to veterans, living and dead.

To think that some would be so wanting a new park that they would stoop to any level to try and touch the hearts of voters to get the park built.

Why the city of Union bought that parcel of land with an agreement that it would have to be a park makes one wonder.

I drive on city streets every day that are in need of repair. Let’s fix those first.

As voters we have a responsibility to keep our government in check, and to make sure it spends our money wisely.

This old vet is voting no once again.

God bless all veterans and God bless the United States of America.

David M. Douglas Sr.