To The Editor:

We are responding to the St. Clair Missourian article “Board OKs Two More Closure Steps” (2-6-13), on Page 2, where it was stated that the only source of revenue for the St. Clair airport comes through the hangar rental rates; however, of concern is the fact that other aircraft may also use the facility and/or obtain fuel at the airport which could also be considered a source of revenue.

Visiting aircraft may fly in and out of the airport, park and temporarily tie down. We question if their fuel purchases and services are being properly charged and paid for, along with the fuel purchases made by airplane owners renting the airport’s hangars.

The selling of aircraft fuel and other services appear to qualify as an important airport income source which may not have been monitored, audited, or addressed in your publication. Aircraft fuel use, landing fees and temporary aircraft tie down for visitors and guests should and could be expected as a normal source of revenue for the airport.

Therefore, it is our concern that the additional stated possible revenue may have been overlooked.

St. Clair Resident

Editor’s Note: Name withheld per request.