To The Editor:

Our beloved America is slowly going south. No one seems to care. The me, myself and I attitude is our new motto.

There is little law and justice anymore. Greedy lawyers will spend untold hours looking for money-making loopholes. Too many judges want to be re-elected. So forget the laws. Prosecuting attorneys, usually for the same reason, drag their feet. As they know the would-be criminal will be freed anyway.

As a veteran, I think the NRA should hang their head in shame. They use the Second Amendment to allow daily murders with their stand on assault weapons. Assault weapons are for warfare.

We are not a war at home, especially not in our schools. Last count, there have been 75 incidents since Newtown. Most involved assault-type weapons. Shame on those who support NRA.

We could do away with most drunk and drug-using drivers by removing their vehicles immediately. No wheels, no killing accidents by them.

I keep hearing cowards wanting to give into terrorists. Islamists, in general, do not want peace, just power. They want only for you to be dead (unless you convert to Islam). Did we all originate from Adam?

Our education system is rotten to the core. Most parents want babysitting schools, not education for their offspring. If a school attempts to educate, they face stupid lawsuits.

Why do we keep electing crooks and want to be members to Congress? Their greed is destroying us slowly. The rich get richer and poor get poorer. Do you have more money after each election? Vote with me so if you are in, you are out.