To The Editor:

The word democracy has changed so drastically in the past few years that one can hardly recognize it!

1. The EPA has closed the last lead mine in the country. This has been done under the disguise of the environment. The fact is if you can’t get lead bullets, you can’t shoot your gun which the government would like to take away from you.

2. The IRS has targeted organizations which they see as threatening to the government: The American Legion, the Patriot Organization, the TEA Party, and many others.

3. The O Bummer Healthcare Plan where you will join or else you will be fined. Seven thousand have now joined, most of which won’t have to pay, because the working middle class (which the plan was supposed to help), will bear the burden of the cost for all the freeloaders. (The average family will pay from $4,500 to $6,500 per year more than under their previous plan, which they were promised to keep!)

4. The latest plan by the U.S. Agriculture Department is to reduce the cattle numbers in the dairy and beef herds by 25 percent to stop the pollution of the environment.

Do you not see what is happening in our USA? The world governments have known for years if you can make the people depend on the government they, (the people), can be controlled! Look for a moment at the people who have lost their jobs. Look at the average family income and the effects of inflation, (which the government says doesn’t exist). Homegrown hamburger is now $6.99 per pound!

Think of the freedoms which you have lost in recent years, and that is just the beginning. Hitler promised the German people many better things, and look what happened to them under the control of the Special SS troops.

There are 46 million people on food stamps and other government programs. Does it not alarm you that this is in one of every seven people currently under the control of the government?

How long will We the People wait? Too long I fear.

Put the frog in the water, raise the temperature slowly until the frog is cooked. We are the frog! Wake up, America, and stop this trend or it will be too late.