To The Editor:

I open the car door, get in and make myself comfortable and I put on my seat belt. For those who are unfamiliar with seat belts, they are the straps that either go across your waist or that go across your waist and chest.

They are nifty little gadgets that, if you’re in an accident, hold you in place so that you don’t fly through the windshield or get ejected from your car. These devices actually save lives. Admittedly, there are times when seat belts can cause injury, but I think I’ll take my chances, especially when it comes to saving my life.

I’m writing this letter because I am sick and tired of hearing or reading about people who have lost their lives or have been seriously injured because they failed to take a few seconds to buckle up. Seriously, how hard is it to pull a strap across your body and click it in place? It’s a lot harder to console a grieving loved one who now has a piece missing in their life. It’s a lot harder to recover from serious injuries and pay medical costs that could have been avoided if a seat belt had been used.

There are laws that make wearing seat belts mandatory. So, why is it that so many people still don’t wear them? There have been arguments made that it should be a personal choice whether or not a seat belt is worn. Well, I guess then that to die needlessly, because one failed to buckle up, also becomes a personal choice. I have a feeling though, that the personal choice of the family who is now one short would have been in favor of the seat belt.

If it helps you to remember, imagine your car is a roller coaster. What is the first thing you do when you get inside a roller coaster? You put on the safety belt. Once that’s done, and the safety bar is locked in place, you get to enjoy a ride that has its ups and downs, fast curves and big thrills, and from which you arrive at the beginning safe and sound.

Please, if not for your own sake, do it for the people who love you — wear your seat belt.