To The Editor:

This letter is in response to the article titled “Longer, Stronger Allergy Season ...” I’ve got lots and lots of allergies, but can’t take anything with diphenhydramine or epinephrine in it, so I’m very limited.

The article stated that children are having more allergies than before since they stay inside all the time and are not exposed to dirt and germs like the kids used to be.

What is in an allergy shot? Some of the stuff that we are allergic to? I’ve not taken any allergy shots, have continued to live my life inside the house and outside the house, and all of my allergies are very much under control.

Sure, I’ve had to use many tissues, and sneeze a lot, but I’m fine now, and think that more people, children included, would definitely benefit from more exposure to dirt and germs. This would also help us deal with some of the “virulent infections!!”