To The Editor:

Recently you had an editorial comparing Washington High Athletic Association with that of St. Francis Borgia High School. You suggested that Washington’s association was so inferior and why it couldn’t be as good as that at Borgia. I agree that Borgia has a long record of having a great association and it does great things for its school. The difference is that students attending parochial schools start in the fourth grade in athletics and are supported by parents and school into high school. The public school starts in seventh grade and the athletic association also pays for their support. Parochial students are early participants.

Also, the public school doesn’t have the deep pockets from the community or the support from parents like Borgia. When you have only 20 percent of public school parents vote in the last school election, you know that 80 percent could care less what happens and for the most part there is that four letter word they don’t want to hear — help.

For over 10 years I worked with the Washington Association’s Dinner Auction when it first began at Nix Cafeteria. Then, as is now, the parents work very hard to make the auction a success and do what they can to help the schools with the athletics. The Association’s Dinner Auction is this Saturday, April 27. For reservations, contact Jennifer Solter at 636-399-3951. I hope you and others will attend and help support the athletic association and fix the track and football field. It is only $30.

On the issue of comparing, should we compare the two schools’ Student Councils? Washington’s Student Council has won state and national awards as well as hosting state and national conventions. Where does Borgia compare to this? Should we go on? I think not. I believe that each school has great programs and great parents who care.