To The Editor:

In regard to texting and driving; who do we really blame? We hear the news media reports and warnings, yet it still continues. We are beating a dead horse! A horse “our” world has created, raised, and fed! Calling a cellphone just a cellphone is obsolete. We have a wireless connection to all four corners of the globe, and it fits in the palm of our hand!

We don’t have to rely on the news media to keep tabs on what it seems everyone does anyway! Until one gets caught or is involved in a vehicle incident that results in a serious injury or fatality, only then does it seem to matter!

Up by Krog Park at Fifth Street and Highway 47, stand there yourself, or like myself, just wait to cross the road. Maybe 1 out of 10 vehicles does not have a driver either talking or texting and forgive me, but that includes emergency vehicles too!

Like drinking and driving, the law can’t police this activity 24/7! Sadly it takes an accident, or a death for the law to act. It seems to be the norm, we hear of accidents or fatalities, and may show some remorse. The remorse really intensifies when it’s personal and hits home! I’ve had drivers pulling up to stop signs, and kindly wave me across. One hand waving, the other with cellphone stuck to their ear, and nothing on the wheel!

I appreciate the kind jestures, but I prefer the drivers to go first. I question if the sidewalks are a safety zone, maybe not any more!

In the almost similar words of “Smokey Bear,” “Only You Can Prevent an Accident While Texting and Driving!” Don’t wait for it to happen to you, before you finally take action!