To The Editor:

In the USA today we have many important people who have many different agendas and reasons for pushing for gun control.

Let us apply some common sense and facts, before we get caught up in some of the emotional moments, which are being used as pawns by some people with special interests.

1. Let’s recognize that no woman has ever performed a mass shooting in the USA.

2. The real problem is not “guns, but it’s sons.”

3. Almost all of the shooters have had medical and mental attention in the past.

4. The latest information says, “One of every five people has some form of mental problems.”

5. When someone is bent on doing some form of violence they will find a way to accomplish their plan.

6. Who views and plays video games with extreme violent actions in which they role play hour after hour? BOYS! (I rest my case.) Please prove me wrong!

I again ask to apply some common sense.

Let’s now look at the key players in this current debate and some of the real reasons for their positions.

Starting with the president who has used children, parents, victims and political pressure to try to gain his goal of gun control, which he has promised in the past. Wednesday, April 17, 2013, following the failure of the gun bill, the president in anger stated, “What a shameful day in Washington.” The next statement really caught my ear. He said, “There are thousands of grieving parents who have lost their children to gun violence.” Where are there thousands of grieving parents? His next statement was, “90 percent of the American people want gun registration.” Where do these inflated numbers come from that he and Joe Biden come up with? One would think if 90 percent of the people wanted something they would get it! (A lot less than 90 percent elected him as president.)

Next the mayor of New York City, who has tried to control what you drink and how much, has spent several million dollars to help with elections and gun control. The terrible incident at the Boston Marathon had no guns involved and yet these radical, cowardly individuals found a way to kill and inflict pain and suffering on many people present. (Three killed and 16 amputees, and 167 injured.)

Gun registration will not stop these terrible acts. The World Trade Center bombing (the worst incident in our history) was performed without any guns.

Maybe we the people are being misled. Maybe if all guns are registered and later confiscated, the people would be easier to control. This is what has happened throughout the history of the world.

Stop and reflect for a moment how many of your freedoms have we lost over a gradual period of time. Look for a moment at the increased government control over our everyday lives.

All of the men and women who have served in the Armed Forces value the freedom for which they fought and died. They deeply resent any attempt to take away their freedoms.

I submit to you today that as the greatest nation in the world (who can place a man on the moon), should be able to control the wrong people obtaining guns. Our government has the responsibility to remove violent videos from the market. Fine doctors who recognize mental illness and fail to report these cases. Provide greater penalties for crimes using stolen guns.

Guns are not the problem, it is the wrong people having them. “Guns are not the problem, sons are the problem!”