To The Editor:

To all who can observe and think for themselves —

I agree with Mr. Lagershausen in the letter to the editor in the March 20 edition of The Missourian and other letters I’ve read.

The Washington mayor and city council may have used questionable tactics to make another new law in a quest to form a utopian “Stepford” society where everyone has the same views, visions and convictions as they do.

There seems to be a pattern of late in government that they see themselves as “the great parents” of their adult children under their rule and leadership and make laws and policies trying to force us to do or not do things that are good or bad for us. Like children, our freedoms are restricted to what they deem is acceptable behavior. After all, as we’ve all heard as children, “it’s for our own good.” This pattern goes all the way from federal down to local governments.

As stated in the Funk and Wagnalls Standard Family Dictionary to “govern is to: 1. Control by or exercise authority. 2. To control physically or morally. Synonyms: Command, control, curb, direct, influence, manage, reign, restrain, rule, sway.”

Our government seems to have taken these definitions and synonyms to heart.

Pertaining to the “breathe easier,” “clean air,” “smoke free,” etc. groups, they are not much different than the prohibitionists of yesteryear. A lot of the same questions, accusations, tactics and so-called scientific evidence are being used to back their totalitarian policy. In looking at history, that didn’t work out too good.

My questions are as they’ve always been, is it not our decision to go into or not go into an establishment that has an activity or policy that we find either appealing or disgusting? Why does one group have to have it all?

As far as working in an environment that is unhealthy, if paint, chemical or exhaust fumes make me sick or I find them offensive, I wouldn’t apply for a job in a paint shop, but I know others are all right with that type of job and don’t seem to have any negative effects.

I strongly agree that there needs to be smoke free “and” smoking allowed at places in our society, but not all, either one or the other.

Maybe someday I’ll run for king of a community and at that time I will appreciate your support. If elected, remember that whatever I do to you, I’ll be doing if for your own good (humor intended).