To The Editor:

In 2006, I had my first and only foray into a political race. I ran for the Nixa School Board against two incumbents and lost. In hindsight, I’m glad I lost.

Had I won, I would’ve had to join the Missouri School Boards’ Association (MSBA), an organization that has taken positions that are fundamentally opposed to my beliefs. For example, MSBA consistently fights to keep our taxes high.

During the last legislative session, MSBA was an effective advocate for defeating House Bill 253 — a bill that would have resulted in the first income tax cut for Missourians in decades. Now, MSBA is gearing up to fight tax cuts in the next legislative session. In its own words, “The battle continues.”

To educate its members, MSBA is hosting 15 anti-tax cut meetings in various regions of the state. I asked Brent Ghan, MSBA’s chief communications officer, if they invited anyone in support of tax cuts. They had not.

The organization is not interested in a debate. Its position is set: It will not support tax cuts that reduce state revenue.

MSBA’s position on tax cuts essentially means it will only support tax bills that maintain or grow the size of government.

Yes, I am glad I never became a member of MSBA. Unfortunately, my tax dollars still flow to the MSBA through my local school district’s membership dues.

It is frustrating that our tax dollars go to the MSBA to fund its efforts to keep our taxes high.