In response to the letter titled “Americans Need to Wake Up,” it is important to deal with facts rather than fantasy:

When Israel was established in 1948, it was the Arabs who attacked, declaring, “we will drive the Israelis into the sea.”

It was the Arabs who encouraged the Palestinians to move into refugee camps in order to keep the conflict alive.

And to hold Israel responsible for 9/11? What non-sense!

All “undeniable evidence” shows Osama bin Laden — an Arab! — was instrumental in this dastardly attack on our country; I challenge the author to name a single known fact that would make Israel rather than al-Qaeda the perpetrator.

In fact, it is Hamas that has the ultimate destruction of Israel in its charter while there is not a single word in the constitution of Israel that calls for Palestinian obliteration.

What may have been intended as a statement in support of the Palestinians became instead a peevish litany of “injustices” taken out of context and — worse — an expression of unfounded bigotry.

To pour out such venom does no good to the author or the community.