To The Editor:

Where are we on the issue of legalizing marijuana?

Yes, no, put it on the back burner, it really should be addressed. When I hear of young people getting high on cat urine and bath salts, I see another reason for favoring legalization of pot!

In the ’60s and ’70s we had our era of “experimenting,” LSD, uppers and downers, angel dust, etc. Our young generation is in that vulnerable stage to try whatever comes down the highway.

There are people who take advantage of our youth, too, like they are a “cash crop.” Bath salts, K-2, and someone somewhere is always looking to cook up something new to get high on. Think of the cycle. Create the drug, the fad catches on, make money, the law may or may not shut you down, fine to shut down and few months down the road something new will take its place.

The cycle keeps going. My generation had the illegal drugs with pushers for drugs to try. Now our youth go to a convenience store and buy at the counter.

Legalizing marijuana would eliminate the need for all that crazy stuff, let’s pull this issue off the back burner and give it a ride, see where it goes!