To The Editor:

Did you know that abortion providers have found out that it is less dangerous to the woman to deliver the baby alive and then murder him or her by breaking the neck or plunging a scissors into the base of the skull.

How low can you go? What could be more heinous? And “Planned Parenthood,” which should be renamed “Planned Baby Killers,” is supported by tax dollars from hard-working people.

Also, where are the men responsible in this equation? Almost any man and woman can make a baby, but it takes parents to raise a child properly.

Some “Christians” are pro-choice. Remember the innocent have no choice in these matters. They are slaughtered on the altar of selfishness and convenience. Then their lifeless bodies are discarded like so much garbage.

It’s difficult to even pray for a president and people who are in favor of such carnage. All we can pray for is God’s mercy and revival among these men and women, and murder providers.