To The Editor:

Wednesday, July 18, a letter to the editor was published with the writer’s name withheld.

However, in that article, you also printed the names, Pat and Diane Shaw, who had supposedly visited Washington and made both positive and negative comments regarding the community.

We are Pat and Diane Shaw, who lived on Caroline Drive from 1979 to 1983 and currently reside in Wisconsin. It has been many years since we’ve visited Washington.

We have very fond memories of the four wonderful years we lived in Washington, and moved only for a job promotion.

We have never looked upon Washington as having “redneck ways.”

The reason we know about this letter is due to a longtime friend being upset with our “visiting” and not being notified. We were also told others are upset for our “comments” regarding their community.

Again, we are not the visitors mentioned in this letter. We realize there is a slight possibility another Pat and Diane Shaw lived in Washington.

The Missourian’s policy of withholding the writer’s name, yet using names the writer says were involved is flawed at best. The writers escape unscathed, but the people they mention suffer some repercussions.