To The Editor:

Yesterday, Oct. 8, the Yes on Prop B Bus Tour rolled through Washington spreading its message of the importance of saving lives and investing in our state’s education by increasing Missouri’s tobacco tax, which is currently the lowest in the country.

The school bus tour is a part of Show-Me A Brighter Future’s campaign in support of a 73-cent tobacco tax increase in Missouri.

Washington is one of 20 to see the bus during its trip through the state to emphasize Proposition B’s enormous benefits for Missouri public schools and universities.

Prop B would generate $283 million annually in new revenue for Missouri. Eighty-percent of that money would be dedicated to elementary, secondary and university education, and the other 20 percent would fund much-needed smoking cessation and prevention programs to keep our kids from ever starting the deadly habit.

Some argue that this only affects low-income families; however, statistics show that tax increases result in more low-income smokers to quit smoking than higher income. Statistics also show tax increases do prevent our youth from ever starting which is the most important. We have the power to reduce smoking in Missouri and to provide new funding for our public schools, colleges and universities.

When you see the Yes on Prop B Bus in your town, come on out to show your support. And on Nov. 6, vote yes on Prop B and help save lives and invest in education for our families.