To The Editor:

Very good editorial about Franklin County Planning and Zoning.

It is astounding to me that the members of this super powerful board are not elected by the people!

These folks are appointed to these very powerful positions. What are their qualifications for this job?

They fail miserably at listening to the voices of the people who show up at their meetings. Case in point: the concrete plant in Pacific. Are these members qualified to ruin our neighborhoods?

Over 100 persons have attended FCP&Z meetings and were completely ignored. Who appoints these folks? Why aren’t they required to complete an “Impact Study” on a area before they make a decision that will ruin a neighborhood?

These members are almost impossible to contact. Their names or phone numbers don’t appear anywhere. What is the big secret? They call themselves “commissioners”; wrong, they are members of the FCP&Z board that’s all they are.

I bet they are not qualified to conduct an impact study of anything. They are political friends of somebody . . .who?

Why can’t we know their qualifications for this super powerful job? They can ruin any area they want to for the slimmest of reasons. I’ll bet there are no zone approvals for anything that would ruin their property values!

I think and I am not alone, that zone approval is a done deal before any meeting. Jobs, baloney! Our neighborhood has fallen victim to the FCP&Z recently. We continue to suffer through their lame excuse about “jobs.”

Why can’t the citizens of Franklin County vote for these people? We all know what really gets zone approval . . . right? The FCP&Z is an outrage! What happened to, “for the people?” At least, publish their qualifications, if there are any.