To The Editor:

As a teenager back in the 1950s, I remember hearing my dad tell my mother that our country — the great United States of America — was going to rot from the inside out. At the time I didn’t understand what that meant, but I know what it means now because I’ve been watching our country rot. My dad obviously knew what happened to other countries that began with dreams like ours but who let their cornerstones crumble as a result of moral neglect and unwise choices in leadership.

I have watched — often with horror — when the recent escalating and sickening landslide of moral decay produced a stench of tear-producing proportions. It hasn’t been hard to figure out the who-what-where-when-and-why of it all.

Each generation has become a little more lax in training the next one to uphold and honor not only the governing foundational laws of our country but for teaching our children about the pure love and goodness of our Creator God, the importance of God-ordained marriages and families, doing what is upright and respectable rather than morally wrong, and caring for one another instead of killing each other.

These rules were given to us because God knew we would need boundaries in order to live together peacefully. It should be long enough for us to figure out why — without them — we are floundering and drowning in our own garbage, from top governmental positions on down.

We didn’t reach this low point overnight and it won’t be easy doing the needed hard work to turn it around, but training the younger generation is a sensible place to start. They need to be told what principles constituted our country’s original cornerstone and why it worked relatively well for so many years. They need to be told about those past presidents who as truly qualified, law-abiding, and knowledgeable leaders were unashamed to love God and our country with a passion, and were willing to humbly compromise in their decisions for the good of the citizens and our country’s future.

They need to learn that to keep us from being eventually crushed by government domination we’ll need to strengthen our nation by calling on the citizens to restore the broken places and regain our lost freedoms.

Our country’s children need to be given the opportunity to enjoy the kind of freedom our forefathers intended for us to preserve for them. We’ll need their help — and God’s wisdom — to rebuild our cornerstone and to become once again, a country of dignity and significance in the world. We will never be a perfect nation because we the people are imperfect people. But it’s time for us to become healthy again by cleaning up the garbage dumps.

Let’s pray that there will come a time when we can once again say with confidence, “All is well, here in America.”