To The Editor:

Regarding the May 26-27, “Coward in Our Midst,” this was very wrong for you to publish this editorial the way in which you did.

The ACLU is a nonprofit organization, with the purpose of advocating for the little guy regarding issues involving our constitutional rights.

Maybe this person felt that without the support of someone bigger than them, they would not be taken seriously. Maybe the person was concerned about being blacklisted, or blackballed and ridiculed within the community.

Let’s face it, more often than not, our constitutional rights are ignored and violated on a daily basis and more often in Franklin County.

Franklin County has a history of operating in a crooked manner, and when one person speaks up, Franklin County doesn’t care, it turns and walks away.

These organizations exist to spring into action for these reasons.

What did you think the result of this editorial would be, that this person would come reveal themselves eagerly, saying, “ It was me, I did it”?

In my opinion, this editorial leaves you looking scolded, as if you’re feeling tattled on.

If there was no wrongdoing, the ACLU wouldn’t pursue this. It has tough screening regarding its involvement and many issues on its agenda.

Lawsuits should be filed when lawsuits are needed. Quit passing the attention of blame and accept when you’re wrong.

This editorial was a complete waste of space and really makes Franklin County look like its boo-hooing.