To The Editor:

I read with interest and sadness, Sarah Peper’s comments on same-sex marriage.

The main thrust of her comments were church-state separation and freedom. Most of us are in favor of these important truths.

But she ignores another important truth which the state has a vital interest in — that is the maintenance of vital family structure and overall societal health.

It is obvious that all children are reared in families of some type. Numerous studies have shown and common sense dictates that children mature and flourish best in a traditional family of one father and one mother. We can leave religion completely out of the subject and still it is obvious that any normal child wants a mother and a father because both roles are extremely important to a child’s development.

I’m for freedom and if two women or two men want to live together as a committed couple, no authority in this country will stop them. But don’t call it marriage because this weakens the institution of marriage.

One of the main functions of marriage is to have children, thereby civilization is sustained. The only way same-sex couples can have children is to adopt them and then the children are thereby reared in a peculiar environment that warps their concepts of a normal family. This is grossly unfair to such children.

The same-sex couples are thereby imposing their views of marriage on the unsuspecting adopted children.