To The Editor:

Justice, justice, where art thou? The wheels of justice in 2013 have been greased with wealth, dirty politics and lack of concern. What will 2014 bring?

In Texas, a wealthy 16-year-old goes free while drunk driving kills four people. His excuse, he did not know better. What happened to other court rulings? Drunk or sober, you are responsible for your actions. Wealth, justice, plain and simple.

The Maryville, Mo., ruling stinks of political injustice. Statutory rape laws are about sex, with an underaged child — consent or not. The young man admitted having sex with a 13-year-old. The then 17-year-old gets his hands slapped — why? This case stunk so bad it made national coverage. And more injustice, the victim was at fault for reporting the rape. Concern for your fellow human being?

Franklin County has had its share of unequal justice. First, how can any judge give probation to a drug maker? Especially in a child situation. Maybe a civil suit by the parents evolved.

About a year ago, a Good Samaritan stopped to help another driver. An uninsured driver, driving not his car, hit the Samaritan’s car, driving on the wrong side of the road. Also, he nearly hit a woman nearby. So why is the prosecuting attorney dragging his feet?

There also was a stolen car incident in St. Clair. The police, as far as I know, never issued a stolen car bulletin. That is S.O.P. Also, that car or its clone recently appeared in a Craig’s listing.