To The Editor:

The Union Middle School PTO finds itself with a unique and unusual problem. There are more artisans and dealers of handmade craft items and gifts wanting to be vendors at the 29th Annual Art and Craft Fair than we can accept.

A waiting list is now being filled. Always a huge event for the community by generating thousands of visitors to eat, buy gas, and seek lodging, the Union Middle School 26th Annual Craft Fair this Nov. 9 and 10 finds itself the biggest fair we have ever had.

Two new classrooms have been opened and we still cannot accept all the applications. Maybe it is the economy, the need for these artisans to find a venue for their Christmas items, or the need for the community to find reasonable gifts for their families and friends, it is hard to say. The UMS PTO finds this a pleasant and wonderful problem to try to solve. All the profits from this huge event stay with the teachers and students at Union Middle School.

The only way this is possible is by the generous donations of time and talent from parents, teachers, and students there. You always hear about the negative things kids do, but in our case over 100 students have volunteered to spend hours making the event run smoothly.

We have more parents than ever helping with the Band Boosters, the Kiwanis, and the teachers to make this fair a great experience for the thousands of visitors to our community. What a bright shining moment for Union to showcase one of its schools filled with polite, hard-working kids and parents.

This year the enlarging of the fair will include over 225 crafters filling over 300 spaces. A free shuttle that runs around the city lake and to the city pool parking lot and in front of the Middle School will run every 15 minutes. A resounding thank you to all who are making this possible!

Union has a great spirit and this makes it such a great community to live in! Please join us Nov. 9 and 10 to see the Middle School host a myriad of local artisans and wish them luck in selling their locally made wares! This is truly a unique problem for the PTO to solve — how to find more room each and every year and pass this benefit on to the students of UMS.

P.S. This also is a great chance to support the hard work of local woodworkers, bakery chefs, ceramics makers, basket weavers, candle makers, kettle corn poppers, purse makers, furniture constructionists, floral designers, jewelry designers, pottery throwers, potato chip makers, and much, much more.