To The Editor:

I wish to applaud the stand the Franklin County commissioners are taking to bring prayer back into the county meetings.

For too many years those who profess Christ in their hearts have held back publicly for fear of causing strife, have reluctantly bit their tongues.

People, of alternative views concerning what they practice and believe, have not held back, even though they are in the minority, have not held back in being vocal in what they believe. So why should they expect the majority to hold back what they believe?

If lines are to be drawn between those who believe in Christ, and as well as those who don’t believe in Christ in this county, then let it be so! Because it is not the Christians who have anything to fear, because it’s the Lord in them, than the devil that is in the world. The Creator who created the one who chose of his own free will to leave heaven, and become the arch-enemy of the Lord will fall again and take all of those who side with him down at the same time.

So I encourage and admonish the county commissioners and all men and women to lift up your voice to support what they are doing!

It is time for a change in our country, if our county can be a new beginning to welcome Christ back in bringing integrity and peace and all the blessings that go with it, then let it begin in our own backyards!

Let us become vocal in one voice and not ashamed of the Lord Christ we believe in. Because He has given us a choice and it sounds like the Lord is knocking on our county’s front door, let us encourage those who speak for us to let Christ come in.

The Rev. Fred Wells

Servants for Christ

Family Church