To The Editor:

I grew up in the Marthasville/Washington area and I now live in the Kansas City area, but Washington will always be home to me.

I am very concerned to read weekly in The Missourian all the drug busts that are happening with our young people.

I do want to give a big thank you to the Washington police and the Franklin County narcotics division for staying on top of this and getting these drugs off the streets of Washington. We all need to help the young people of this area before we lose them forever to drugs — namely heroin.

This is a matter that hits very close to home for me and we need to save our children. Neighbors need to be aware of what is going on in their neighborhoods and need to report suspicious activity.

There are good kids out there who have fallen in with the wrong crowds, but these kids have value and God has a plan for their life and we must pray for them. I want to one day be able to open The Missourian and no longer see stories about young people overdosing and being arrested.

Young people, listen up, the world of drugs will lead you to one of two places, jail or the grave. God has a plan for you if you will only trust and believe.

Again, thank you to our wonderful law enforcement for doing the job they do. We all need to help the kids.