To The Editor:

I was saddened to read we have county officials who do not give the citizens of Franklin County the respect and civility that is due even if it is a reporter.

Whether the reporter was selling papers or truly trying to ask appropriate questions that provide transparent and truthful answers, the county representatives must use their words judiciously. A leader provides prudent and thoughtful remarks even though the topic is very controversial.

The reaction of the county official bordered on bullying, in my opinion.

We can not condone bullying to solve our problems. Whether the county official actually meant physical harm I will give a benefit of doubt.

On the face of the matter this feels like bullying — I hope the official did not intend the remark to be a bullying threat.

Bullying, whether it is construed as a physical threat or an inappropriate comment in the heat of the moment, should never be tolerated. The county official probably has many great attributes that warrant his remaining as the attorney for the county. However, a more thoughtful and prudent remark would have served the county much better than what appears to be “shooting from the hip.”

In my opinion, the people of the county should be concerned with this display of behavior by the county official.

Who wants to live and work with people who toss out words that on the surface could be construed as bullying?

We all deserve respect and civil communication.