To The Editor:

Just read your nice editorial in the Saturday edition on Tim Wolfe. I agree with all your points.

Thought I’d pass along a clarification. Tim Wolfe is the UM System president, not the MU president. The monikers confuse many. The University of Missouri System goes by UM or UM System. The University of Missouri (Missouri’s flagship university) goes by MU. The four universities, each a separate university with its own chancellor, are officially named:

University of Missouri, or MU.

(The “– Columbia” added to the name sometime after the system was formed was officially removed many years ago so as not to confuse MU with a regional college, and give it back the proper name of a major state university. I do still, however, see it written with “– Columbia,” and often still see UMC. It makes me cringe. You don’t see University of Michigan-Ann Arbor or University of Texas-Austin. )

Missouri University of Science and Technology, or Missouri S&T

University of Missouri-St. Louis, or UMSL

University of Missouri-Kansas City, or UMKC

Most Missourians are confused about the job descriptions of the UM System president and the chancellors. Many think the UM president presides strictly over MU, especially since his residence is on the MU campus. I’ve tried to educate many friends on the names of the universities and the makeup of the system. I still have people ask which university my daughter attends when I say she attends the University of Missouri. I respond that there is only one — and it’s located in Columbia.

Thanks for all the PR you give to the UM System and MU. They are, as you said, vital institutions to the health of our state.