To The Editor:

As a former Washington High School football player, it was interesting to read Gene Biermann’s perspective on the honoring of Jim Scanlan.

He appropriately spoke of Coaches Scanlan, Carter and Eickmeyer as a unit. These coaches sent a consistent message to players.

They always appeared to be on the same page, with Coach Scanlan clearly the leader.

By their example they taught us to work together, and to work hard. You might say they demanded we work together, and work hard.

This life lesson was not lost on many of us. In many cases, they believed in us before we believed in ourselves.

We love these men, and are eternally grateful for the experience.

We recognize many others contributed to what Mr. Biermann referred to as the “Golden Age.”

They were spouses and boosters, teachers and students, and a community of fans.

By appropriately honoring Jim Scanlan, you honor them all.