To The Editor:

A resounding “Thank You” is in order for the Parks Department staff, members of the Park Commission and City Council for bringing the new tennis courts to fruition.

With their completion comes the puzzlement I and many others share with you, Mr. Editor, regarding the Park Commission’s decision to flatly deny naming the courts after the late Jim Pounds.

Just to be clear, the formal request was for the tennis courts, not the entire park, to be named after him. James E. Pounds Tennis Center at Phoenix Park — is the proposed name.

Over the years, you and others gave him numerous titles — tennis guru; tennis chieftain; father, grandfather and godfather of Washington tennis. How does one receive so many endearments if not deserved?

The plain and simple truth is: no one past or present has done what Mr. Pounds did for Washington tennis (without remuneration) for 60 years. I could elaborate on reasons for the honors and endearments bestowed upon Mr. Pounds, but they have already been presented to the Park Commission.

At this time I would respectfully request they reconsider the proposal to name the new tennis courts after the late Mr. James E. Pounds.