To The Editor:

I appreciate Washington’s input into the Augusta Bottom Road.

I would appreciate if the committees steering Washington and the commissioners of Warren County could be kind enough to let the good people of Augusta know how these disaster grant “opportunities” are found. Are these “opportunities” from companies like Federal Grant, LLC, or from taxpayers like me?

I love when federal money is talked about like it’s Christmas in July when federal budgets have to be spent; or the monies don’t come in for the next year.

I don’t want to hinder the progress on the Augusta Bottom Road because I am one of those people who “travel through Warren County” to get to Washington to work and pay taxes. The way I see it, there are only two options and I don’t need a site study.

ONE: Washington and Warren County can fix the Augusta Bottom Road with all the disaster relief funding and federal funds they can get their hands on. The small town of Augusta can continue to maintain “its portion” as best it can. But isn’t that like “building a bridge to nowhere”?

OR TWO: Washington should keep its money and let Warren County keep maintaining (hah!) the Warren County portion of the road. But where will that leave the Washington Airport with the next flood of 1993?

I guess Washington will be out of an airport and Warren County out of a road. Then Augusta can get its funding.