To The Editor:

Mark Regnerus, a professor in the department of sociology and at the Population Research Center at University of Texas at Austin, in 2011 surveyed 2,988 young adults for the specific purpose of collecting more reliable data about children from various family origins. (New Family Structures Study (NFSS).

According to the data the safest place for a kid is the two-parent, one male, one female married model. This should be obvious to all, sadly it is not.

The study goes on to say children in same-sex marriages and households are: far more likely to be on welfare, more likely to be sexually victimized, more likely to be currently unemployed, significantly more likely to have contemplated suicide, more likely to have a sexually transmitted infection and, more likely to be forced to have sex against their will.

The long-term ramifications of this disordered breakdown of the traditional family aren’t fully realized yet: Keep in mind President Obama and his administration are all for the destruction of the traditional family.