To The Editor:

In response to “Letters to the Editor” on Aug. 15, 2012, from Chris Havermann, there are errors that are stated as fact. If the letter writer supports the Bill of Rights in which the Second Amendment is clearly written, it does not have any exceptions.

This amendment does not allow someone with criminal intent easy access to assault weapons. The term “assault weapon” is a term coined by Congress to describe a number of firearms that Congress considered “scary” and is a baseless description.

Additionally, this deranged person did not have automatic weapons, he used semiautomatic firearms. Automatic weapons are machine guns and fire continually while holding the trigger. He did not have a bullet resistant vest but a tactical vest made of ballistic nylon. While that vest may offer some protection it’s certainly not a bulletproof vest. As for the purchase of 300 rounds of ammunition, for recreational shooters 300 rounds may be fired in one day. The writer mentions “high-powered weapons.”

I have never seen a definition of a high-powered weapon and “power” is a meaningless term used to scare people. The quote “In Missouri, anyone can purchase any type of gun they wish and would not have to wait for a background check because there is no ban on weapon type and no background check required.” This is absolutely false. Perhaps the writer should go to a gun dealers store and refuse to fill out a federal form 4473 and see if the purchase is completed. There’s more but space is limited.