To The Editor:

A couple of months ago a local citizen wrote to the editor of the New Haven Leader lamenting, among other things, the fact that Republicans were not showing proper respect for the president since he won re-election.

Being neither Democrat nor Republican, I felt that I was in the perfect position to state that if he had been shown any respect, it was substantially more than he was worthy of. There was, however, a municipal election coming up and since the correspondent was a mayoral candidate, I thought my comments might be perceived as negative electioneering.

Well, the election is over and having just witnessed the despicable sideshow the president staged with the grieving parents of the Newtown shooting victims, I can no longer hold my tongue. He used these poor, pitiable people as shills and stage props solely for the purpose of advancing his own questionable political agenda.

Ex-White House Adviser Rahm Emanuel espoused the mantra of never letting a crisis or a tragedy go to waste. The president evidently learned well, well enough to engage in this shameless political perversion. Just as he endorses revisionist history and redistribution of wealth, he will see to it that the end justifies the means with regard to this unconscionable exploitation of dead children.

The president has just placed himself about two levels below the shooter.