To The Editor:

I recently had the pleasure of participating in the planning and implementation of the “Made in Union Expo.”

The planning team was made up of members from East Central College, Union R-XI School District (administrators and DECA class), Union Area Chamber of Commerce, Union Development Corporation, local industries represented by The Children’s Factory and Rexam and the city of Union Community Development Department.

The process was managed by Joey Graves, director of the Community Development Department, and his able assistant, Wanda Parsons. Never have I seen such a display of teamwork in the city of Union. All parties were present for the numerous meetings leading up to the Expo and eager to contribute to making this a very successful event.

More importantly, there were over 40 local industries willing to take time from busy schedules to proudly display their wares. As I walked through the displays the day of the Expo, numerous industries were eager to say how much they appreciated being in the community. One individual commented that driving through downtown Union on the way to his shop brightened his day.

The “Made in Union Expo” was a major success and I would like to thank the Union High School staff, especially Brian Baers and his maintenance staff, for their hard work. Finally, I would like to thank the many people from our Franklin County community who attended the event.