To The Editor:

I attended a meeting last Wednesday at Robertsville State Park concerning a great interest in a multipurpose trail at the park. We have been working on this for years.

The park official started with a question and answer session that quickly turned into a heated discussion. The person in charge became indignant and hostile. The crowd responded with demanding answers to which none were given.

They had no solutions or options on the table. It was a big “no.” It turned into a waste of time and everyone left feeling bitter about the whole experience. The Moolah Mounted Lancers of the Black Horse Ranch, St Clair Saddle Club, The Backcountry Horsemen, as well as many local residents were in attendance.

Politics at its best or should I say worst. Several people in attendance said fund-raising and volunteers would take on the responsibility of building and maintaining this trail. This would also help bring revenue to Robertsville, Catawissa and surrounding areas.

Unfortunately the plans proposed to the parks department last October were shot down due to the park being in a floodplain. Many of our parks and trail systems are currently near a river system.

It is sad that these people in authority are refusing to help our community.