To The Editor:

Thousands of shoppers descended upon the Union Middle School Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 9-10, to view the 325 booths of artwork by artisans from nine states.

The fair totally filled the giant middle school with over 15 booths setting up outside. A great selection of wares were available for purchase, including many food items, furniture, jewelry, candles, clothing, children’s toys, birdhouses, aprons and more ... a full kitchen operated by the High School Band Boosters served hundreds for three days.

A huge team of volunteers worked to see all proceedings went smoothly. Parents, teachers, the school kids, police, fire department, the Band Boosters, janitors, Kiwanians, plus many more were on hand. Local businesses, restaurants, gas stations and motels were busy and crowded as the crowds of up to 8,000 entered our community for the weekend. Many businesses reported extra staff was needed to fill all the needs this weekend.

A large thanks to all who helped to make the fair the best ever is being issued by the PTO members as they begin preparing for the 2014 30th Anniversary Show next Nov. 8-9. Mark your calendars if you are a Christmas shopper or if you are an artisan who would like to enter.

People can email for more information or call 636-583-5855, extension 7, for details. All the profit from the fair goes to the middle school teachers and students to purchase items to enhance their learning experiences at the seventh- and eighth-grade levels.