To The Editor:

In reply to Randy’s question: What’s the matter with this county? My question is who are the 7 percent who wasted their vote. We could have had a good Christian man in the Senate in January.

If someone would have asked Claire, “Do you approve of killing the unborn?” What do you think she would have said? I have a letter from her on abortion. She would lie, or evade the answer, or say, it is the law. She does all three.

I read a “scientific” report a few years ago, which spoke of the very thing Todd Akin said, except it did not misuse the word forcible and legitimate as Akin did. Evidently, this scientific report was not the truth. Still, very few abortions are for rape.

It is my belief that a rapist should be castrated. I believe that may make rape a rarity.

I also believe women should cover more of their bodies.

As for Mr. Akin being a screwball, isn’t that a curved ball, or did he mean unconventionable character? From what I hear, Mr. Akin is very straight, does not speak in circles. He believes in the Constitution, and says we should abide by it. He thinks evil is evil, and a lie is a lie, regardless if it is a little white lie. He says he believes the Bible, and his life pretty well shows it.

No, I do not know him personally, but have heard him speak many times.