To The Editor:

Much has been made over the past four years of federal government attempts to “transform” America and “re-distribute the wealth” by confiscating money from those at the top who have earned money or inherited wealth and giving it to those who have not, in one form or another.

What is fair about that? Absolutely nothing! It is not a function of government to try to arbitrarily decide who should get what in a free-market economy.

What is fair is for the federal government to bend its best efforts to ensure equality of opportunity for all Americans and then, except for seeing that the destitute, those truly needy, and those unable to work are taken care of, butt out and “let the chips fall where they may” among those who work and those who do not.

Success should never be punished in the hypocritical name of so-called “fairness.”

’Tis wisely said that “a rising tide raises all boats.” For the past four years, the economic tide of our country has consistently been about as low as it can go, short of another recession.

To his discredit, the president refuses to claim responsibility for the dismal economic performance of the past four years, trying instead to “cop it out” to George W. Bush. That is utter nonsense.

As the well-known political phrase goes, it all happened “on his watch” so it belongs to him and no one else.