To The Editor:

Why has Missouri become a national leader in denying citizens the right to health care?

In our state, being able to see a doctor is a luxury instead of a basic human right.

It is embarrassing to watch the state Legislature continue to ignore the voice of its constituents and instead play the game of politics. The reality is people are dying in our state due to the lack of health care available. This is someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, and child.

They are not statistics. They have families and want to live long and healthy lives. What gives our elected officials the right to choose who deserves adequate health care?

It is time to join together as Missourians and work for our communities and not special interests. So for those who are against expanding Medicaid, think for a minute on why you are really fighting against this policy.

We can all agree that there are many debates to have on social policies in our state. But allowing access to adequate health care should be an issue where we come together as humans and not party lines.