To The Editor:

The state Representative for Eureka and most of Pacific, Republican Tim Jones, has been caught on audio tape bragging about trying to lower wages in Missouri.

In the tape, which can be heard at, Rep. Jones confesses he has been talking with legislators from Michigan on ways to “spin” right-to-work for less legislation to unsuspecting Missourians.

Of course, Rep. Jones knows that residents of right-to-work for less states earn $1,500 less per year than workers in “responsible” states like Missouri, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Mr. Jones was speaking to an audience of corporate bosses and CEO’s when he was caught on tape. These folks know they have to “spin” this legislation because it perverts the American belief in responsibility.

In fact, all right-to-work does is allow workers represented by a union to avoid paying dues while still receiving all the representation services and contractual benefits of the union.

In the interests of fairness, I wonder if Rep. Jones is huddling with lawmakers from other states to push legislation that will require corporations, lobbying groups like the Chamber of Commerce, even neighborhoods to provide their goods and services free of charge to anyone that wants them? For example, will neighborhood associations have to put up with the freeloader that moves in knowing there are association fees to provide the pool, park, and road services that make the neighborhood a good place to live?

Mr. Jones could call this right-to-live for less. It could also be called — wrong.

Rep. Tim Jones and his corporate supporters may have gotten used to the idea that society owes them, that they can take from communities without compensation, but most Missourians feel differently.

In a responsible society, responsible people pay for what they use.

Let’s hope Tim Jones takes the state motto, the welfare of the people shall be the supreme law, seriously and spends less time chatting with other states’ legislators on ways to “spin” lower wages to Missourians and more time proposing legislation to raise the wages of Show-Me state workers.